Got Scaffoloing?

Got Scaffolding?

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Dear Friends,

We miss seeing you in the Stone Church, but we have not stopped working!
Our contractor, Gnazzo Company, is hard at work on the second phase of tower repair. From their vaulted vantage point the next steps in tower stabilization are clear.
The Friends of the Stone Church want to work smart—making the most of resources entrusted to us. Scaffolding is expensive to erect, and we have therefore given a green light to the Gnazzo Company to continue with additional targeted repairs above and beyond the planned scope of work.
We do this trusting in the support of our growing circle of friends, knowing that we all look forward to gathering together at the Stone Church for music, for educational programming, and for the simple joy of being in community with each other once again.
Please consider making a donation to the Friends now to help us take full advantage of the scaffolding while it is here! All donations, whatever size, are welcome and appreciated. Checks may be sent to Friends of the Stone Church at P.O. Box 347, Gilbertville, Massachusetts 01031. You may also contribute online at
With gratitude, and with best wishes for your health and safety.
Judy Edington
President, Friends of the Stone Church

Stone Church Scaffolding