About Us

The Friends of the Stone Church is a is a public charitable corporation and community group organized in 2015, and open to all people. In partnership with the Hardwick Historical Society, and in collaboration with the congregation of the Trinitarian Congregational Church, the Friends’ mission is:

  • To preserve and protect the historic 1872 Stone Church, built to be the home of the Trinitarian Congregational Church in Gilbertville; and
  • To facilitate the building’s use by, and service to, the community.

Consistent with preserving its role as a gathering place for worship and the passages of life, our vision is to revitalize this beautiful space as a new kind of community place—a place for enjoying art and music, a place for teens to meet and do homework, a place for seniors to gather and visit, a place for toddlers to play while their parents or grandparents visit, a place for people to gather after work and meet their neighbors, a place to get information about events, happenings, and businesses in the community.

The building is located at 283 Main Street, Route 32 in Gilbertville.

Our leadership is drawn from within and beyond the town of Hardwick, and we’re eager to hear from others who would like to join us.

Judy Edington (Gilbertville) President

Mary Warbasse (Oakham) Treasurer

Judy Knight (Rutland) Clerk

Directors: Kaye Boothman, Lisa Janice Cohen, Judy Edington, Judy Kohn, Kathy McCrohon, Paula Roberts, Anne Rylestone, Mary Warbasse, Phillip Warbasse, Cheryl Wolfe

The FOSC Advisory Board is comprised of individual volunteers with skills and experience needed to run our all-volunteer organization. We are grateful to these individuals, and to all our volunteers.